Our Targeted Approach

Using a systems biology approach, we are attacking the metabolism of cancer cells on multiple levels.

  • First-in-class drug targeting metabolic dysfunction in cancer cells that is Phase II ready.

  • Ability to improve all current classes of oncology therapeutics (platinum-based, check-point inhibitors and immuno-oncology.

  • Market disrupting technology with no competition in the metabolic stabilization therapeutic area.

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A multi model therapy that induces selective cellular apoptosis in cancer cells

Our Solution

Our novel solution is to target metabolic dysfunction in cancer cells as a strategy for selective cellular apoptosis

Product Pipeline

We are targeting some of the most aggressive and lethal forms of cancer that have poor outcomes and few medical options for patients.

About Us

Aletheia is a company developing oncology therapies utilizing a new approach that can be a standalone therapy or can be an adjunctive therapy that improves the efficacy and safety of immune oncology therapies as well as traditional chemotherapeutic therapies.  The approach Aletheia is using to treat cancer is targeting metabolic dysfunction as a strategy for selective cellular apoptosis.