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Aletheia Marketing & Media Buys Zenzi, Enhances Tech-Targeting Capabilities

Aletheia Marketing & Media, a data-driven Dallas digital agency, has acquired Zenzi, a Encinitas, CA-based values-marketing agency.

The acquisition was a cash purchase; financial terms were not disclosed.

“This purchase was strategic for us as we look to build tech-driven targeting tools that will give us a competitive edge over other midsize agencies and offer clients big-agency service without the additional cost,” Chris Schembri, CEO of Aletheia and Zenzi, told MediaPost Agency Daily.

“Research shows people want to buy from companies that align with their values and fill a deeper need in the lives,” Schembri noted. “Zenzi will help marketers tap into the emotional desires of customers, which is critical to building loyalty, advocacy and awareness.”

The foundation of Zenzi’s approach is Value Base, a sentiment analysis tool developed by the agency that claims it extracts psychological markers from online data with 95% accuracy. This tool is used to identify trends, examine behavior over time and create more effective marketing messages.

Its database of insights is collected by San Francisco State University, based on responses from more than 250,000 consumers and analyzed by psychologists. The focus: help marketers with the best brand messaging to motivate customers, ultimately returning greater ROI.

Zenzi’s billings are nearly $1 million; clients include Martha Stewart, Nestle, Ultra Oil, Crystal Geyser Water and New Leaf Biofuel.

“Aptera Motors was a key win behind the acquisition,” Schembri added. “The key aspect of this acquisition is the technology and trademarks that are a part of this deal. The database and tech will advance how we can help brands determine how relevant they are when it comes to identifying the values of their consumers.

Former Zenzi owner-founder Sarah Hardwick will remain as Values Advisor.

Aletheia Marketing & Media’s roster includes On The Border, Norwex, GRIFOLS Biomat and Share Financial.

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