The Product

ATI01 is a first-in-class oncology therapy targeting cancer cell metabolism…

  • MOA – First-in-class drug targeting cancer cell metabolism

  • Safe – Safely tested in over 1,200 patients worldwide with no serious drug-related side effects

  • Efficacious – Demonstrates immediate apoptosis-mediated cell death of cancers cells

  • Cost Effective – 28 dose cycle is projected to be at $8,400

ATI01: In Vitro Data

How will we scale in the future

  • Compared ATI01 to one of the leading chemotherapies, Carboplatin (10 ug/mL).

  • ATI01 demonstrated complete inhibition of cellular proliferation of human cancer cell lines and were statistically more effective than carboplatin (10 ug/mL highest dose) at killing cancer cells.

Cell Proliferation Assay

Cell Proliferation Assay Table

ATI01: In Vivo Safety Data

Excellent Safety Profile

  • Both rodent and canine exhibited no adverse affects up to 38 times human clinical dose (5mL/Kg).

  • Primary adverse affects were emesis and lethargy and were transient in nature.

  • Mean arterial pressure was similar across all doses and control.

ATI01: Phase I Clinical Study Results

No Issues in Human Dosing

  • Phase I safety study in healthy human subjects (N = 37; five dosing cohorts and one elderly cohort) demonstrated no adverse effects through the maximum dose of 0.7 mL/kg (2.8 times planned clinical dose).

  • Blood parameters demonstrate ATI01 is enhancing oxygenation, reducing ROS and enhancing perfusion…. all surrogates of metabolic stabilization.