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Aletheia CEO, Chris Schembri, flexed his mental muscles and came away the clear winner in a recent “Digital Fight Club” event in Dallas’ Granada Theater.

Digital Fight Club pits communication executives against each other in a debate over various topics, not unlike a presidential town hall debate among candidates. Unlike a town hall, the winner is decided by crowd-noise and is awarded a souvenir set of boxing gloves.

Chris was matched against Preston Larson of UM Worldwide. The topic: “Ways to test new platforms without wasting time and money.” The two took decidedly opposite stances. Larson favored a “go big or go home” method, i.e., spending big to make a big impact. Chris chose a more conservative approach guided by research, data, and smaller software and platform testing.

At the conclusion, the energetic crowd and the referees—big-brand chief marketing officers—judged Chris to be the clear winner of this round of Digital Fight Club. The Schembri-Larson match, which took place on October 26, 2023, was one of eight that were filmed as part of a potential Netflix pilot.

As people familiar with Chris already know, he’s a star in the media world. Could he be a future Netflix star? Stay tuned.