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Decoding Shopping Preferences with ValueTypes

Decoding Shopping Preferences with ValueTypes

How does knowing consumers’ ValueTypes predict how they shop, what they buy, and how much they spend?

Our Zenzi™ team of behavioral psychologists have identified six primary ValueTypes that are most predictive of human behavior: Achievement, Pleasure, Freedom, Purpose, Tradition, and Security. In a survey of 600 individuals nationwide, we uncovered their shopping habits alongside their Zenzi™ ValueTypes. We’re uncovering some important consumer shopping trends we discovered in this article.

No surprise: everyone shops!

Our findings show that nearly everyone (89% of our sample), regardless of ValueType™, enjoys online shopping, while fewer people (72%) enjoy in-store shopping. But that’s not the whole story. Through the lens of Zenzi™ ValueTypes we get a more nuanced picture:

Nearly 50% of our sample agreed that they’re comfortable buying a big-ticket item—like a car or appliance—completely online. Our research shows that certain ValueTypes are much more comfortable doing this than others.

Knowing who’s who is extremely important if you’re an online retailer.

ValueTypes and spending.

Which ValueTypes spend the most money and which spend the least? For one ValueType, more than 15% of respondents had spent over $1,000 on clothes and shoes in the past six months, and 13% spent less than $100. For another ValueType, only 5% had spent over $1,000 and 37% spent less than $100.

ValueTypes and brand loyalty.

Some ValueTypes are more than twice as willing to travel an hour or more to shop at their favorite stores. Two ValueTypes are nearly five times more likely to look for the brand name on a package. They’re also more likely to remember advertised products when they’re shopping and will buy the brand they like, regardless of price.

We can help you simplify who is most likely to buy from you, where to find them, and how to speak to them. Contact our New Business Team today to learn more about trends in the retail industry, and how Aletheia can help you gain more share with smarter media spending.