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Food for Thought: Zenzi ValueBase Insights

Zenzi® by Aletheia explored consumers’ current dining habits and preferences in the dynamic restaurant industry. Leveraging our Zenzi® ValueTypes, our restaurant market analysis uncovered in-depth, values-driven behaviors and motivations.

The top factors influencing a person’s decision to dine in are socializing with friends and family, the quality of food, and ambiance/atmosphere. For online ordering, convenience and time-saving are the top factors.

Casual and fast-casual restaurants remain popular. Consumers still prioritize quality of food, price, and location when choosing a restaurant, with 66% of respondents dining out at casual or fast- casual restaurants two to four times a month, and 12% dining out five or more times a month.



Spending at family restaurants and steakhouses: Across the restaurant survey sample, 90% said they spend less than $100 on their total bill when dining out at family restaurants and steakhouses, but certain ValueTypes are more than twice as likely to spend over $100.

Casual/fast-casual restaurant preferences:

• 73% dine in at least once a month

• 69% order pickup or delivery at least once a month

• 35% dine in at least once a week

• 19% order out at least once a week

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