How Values Shape Media Engagement

Where are your customers?

How values shape media engagement.

How does knowing consumers’ ValueTypes predict how they shop, what they buy, and how much they spend?

To reach your target audience, you’ll need more than just a customer persona! Speaking their preferred language with the right tone in the arena where they are most likely to hear you, is the key to activating response.

Our Zenzi™ ValueBase™ Market Researchers explored how each ValueType™ engages with different platforms across music, video streaming, and social media, informing smarter spending for our client campaigns. Once an audience ValueType™ is uncovered, our proprietary language tool leverages audience values to refine messaging and maximize content performance. Aletheia puts values at the center of your vision to achieve victory!

Unlocking the Beat: Understanding Music Streaming Habits

When it comes to music streaming, all demographics aside, one platform reigns supreme among our diverse national sample. But hold the playlist! There’s more to the melody than meets the ear. Delving deeper into our data, we uncovered fascinating nuances based on individuals’ Zenzi ValueTypes™:

While one ValueType™ prefers the more mainstream, larger platforms, offered by Amazon and Apple, another chooses less popular streams that align with their values groove. Whether it’s the vibe of iHeartRadio, the indy beat YouTube music, or the tried-and-true sound of Pandora, values matter when it comes to music streaming preferences.

Streaming Your Way: Navigating Video Preferences

For video streaming, Netflix steals the show, commanding the spotlight across all demographics and ValueTypes. But when we zoom in on the details, the true picture comes into focus:

One ValueType™ flocks to YouTube TV (less so to Peacock or Tubi), while another indulges in Tubi, Peacock, and HBO Max. One ValueType™ is twice as likely as all others to watch Apple TV, while for yet another Apple TV isn’t even an honorable mention. We could go on and on, but the bottom line is that different ValueTypes™ have different preferences and habits when it comes to video streaming.

Social Media Melodies: Harmonizing Platforms with Values

Social media is the ultimate stage for connection, and each platform has its star performers, based on ValueType™.

For example, WhatsApp and LinkedIn are the go-to platforms for one ValueType™, while another gravitates toward Reddit, avoiding WhatsApp and LinkedIn. One ValueType™ is captivated by Instagram and Snapchat, while for another Pinterest reigns supreme.

Understanding where your audience hangs out online allows you to orchestrate targeted social media campaigns that strike a chord with their values. With Zenzi™ Market Research, you can fine-tune your marketing strategy to resonate with your audience’s core motivations, ensuring your brand hits all the right notes across every platform.

Speaking their language: custom messaging for your audience

Additionally, our AI tool applies the missing piece of your puzzle. With our actionable intelligence we define language aligned with your freshly refined audience to drive messaging performance and increased ROI.

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