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Motivating Donors by Valuetypes™

The Challenge:

Generating leads for new and existing donors for one of the largest plasma centers in the world.

The Goals:

1. Utilize our Zenzi® ValueBase® research to uncover motivations of people who may become donors near each center.

2. Connect our findings to creative messaging and media strategy to drive donor visits while lowering cost per acquisition (CPA), bringing the marketing and media message to life.

The Results:

Our research revealed the main factors motivating people to donate are not demographics, but values.

Unsurprisingly, anxiety and fear were the biggest reasons not to donate, specifically for those with higher Security ValueTypes™.

Individuals who assimilate as two specific ValueTypes™—identified as strongly compassionate and concerned with community—will likely donate plasma. When asked about payment for plasma donation, one particular ValueType™ is most likely to say they didn’t need any payment at all—they find satisfaction in that “warm glow” feeling and knowing that they are helping others.

As we continued our Truth Method™, we developed a two-pronged media strategy that delivered record-breaking numbers of new donors year-over-year, as well as a significant decrease in CPA:

Putting ValueBase insights to work.

To learn more about our ValueTypes and how they can drive maximum results, contact us at info@aletheia.com.