Political Messaging

As the presidential race heats up this summer, campaigns, special interest groups, and grassroots organizations are ramping up advertising spend for specific social issues. On a monthly basis, Pluralytics—the AI-powered language intelligence platform—ingests a large amount of text from social, political, and election ads running on Google and Facebook. Our insights create an interesting overview of how the Left and Right are speaking and what they are talking about, as well as a trend-over-time look at who is spending how much, and how they are trying to enter the national discussion.

National Spend: Left vs. Right 

In April, for example, the Left far outspent the Right on a national level by 2.5X overall ($5.79M versus $2.29M). Specifically, the Left spent $1.8M more on Facebook (3.92M versus $2.11M) and 10X more on Google ($1.82M versus $185K).


Hitting High and Low

Nationally, the Left and Right have used more negative sentiment in their messaging since March.

The Left was 52% positive, with negative sentiment at 11% (up 49%). The Right’s negative sentiment grew to 18% overall (up 68%), and positive sentiment dropped to 42%. In the swing states, the Right had 30% negative sentiment (up 98%) compared to the Left’s 12% negative sentiment (up 34%).

Hot Topics 

In March, the top topics for each side are shown here. For the Right, most topics remain unchanged, but anti-abortion cracked the top 10 for the first time, at #7.

Our Messaging Dashboard

Our interactive dashboard allows marketers and communicators to find their own important insights in the data we collect and parse. Here is a topline of what the system analyzes monthly:

  • How are the Left & Right speaking and what are they saying?
  • How much is spent on issue ads, and who is placing them?
  • Who they are reaching demographically (gender, region, age).
  • How well the ad copy matches the narrative voice (word choice they use) to target the audience based on our precision language models.
  • What tones of voice are being used and sentiment analysis.
  • Key topic(s).
  • Vocabulary cloud of words used (coming in July).

Filters allow sorting by democracy topic ads, including Left, Right, and ALL; national targeting; swing state targeting; and more. The result is a unique and dynamic resource for communicators seeking to understand how organizations and campaigns are driving an essential aspect of the democracy conversation in this election cycle.

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