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With a consultative approach, we provide strategic guidance from beginning to end, enabling the connections between strategy and execution. Fueled by smart media tech and driven by our clients’ business objectives, our approach blends the art and science of integrating marketing and media to help achieve results.


Even the best strategies become obsolete the moment they are created. Our approach is designed to be flexible, built around your business objectives, and adjusts for marketplace changes as they happen.

Business Assessment

Tactics will change, and entire media platforms come and go. This is why we ground our approach around one constant: our clients. We’re not your media partner or your strategy partner—we are your business partner, using our business assessment process to become engrained in your business so we can better service your objectives.

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Created in 2001 and acquired by Aletheia in 2021, Zenzi pioneered values-based research. Using Shalom Schwartz’s theory of basic human values as a foundation, our trailblazing team of behavioral scientists combines psychology, AI, and more than 20 years of proprietary respondent data to predict how consumers will behave. Armed with this knowledge, we can inform the development of marketing messages that resonate with your customers, applying what we learn to the media targeting profiles that contribute to the impact of our media plans.

  • ValueBase® Qualitative and Quantitative Research​. We use qualitative and quantitative research questions alongside our ValueBase® questions to provide insightful results and understand the persona a brand attracts. This could also discover how a brand should be pivoting to convey its message to the ideal consumer. Additionally, we work with the market research team to ensure that our data is coinciding with any recommended digital media buys.
  • Focus Groups​ – We organize and administer our ValueBase® questions along with our client focus questions to understand the “who” (people).
  • Competitive Analysis​ – This is not just about understanding marketing spend; it’s using our Zenzi research, combined with our team of marketing researchers, to understand where a brand is positioned in the competitive landscape. We will run competitors through our Zenzi Values Translator AI Text Tool to obtain their messaging with Zenzi “values” and personas.
  • Social Insights/Zenzi Values Translator Text Tool​ – By understanding the people you attract with branding, messaging, and your customer engagement in the social media landscape, we can define which values are being engaged AND recommend next best steps to reach and expand your target market.
  • Influencer Campaigns​ – We will provide an off-the-shelf or customized campaign to attract your audience.

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Market Research

Combining our proprietary behavioral science with our business suite of tools, we gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ landscape. From defining geographies to refining audiences, we help our clients identify opportunities that unlock their marketing potential.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Leveraging our turnkey solution and our intelligence, we will develop a visual storyline of every engagement a customer has with a service, brand, or product.

The journey map strategy development enables you to put your organization directly in the mindset of your consumer. We define how your customers’ needs are met and how each consumer touchpoint impacts their purchase behavior.

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Strategy Development

Our client service model is built on getting the media strategy right first. We will work closely with your team to ensure your plan is informed with the latest market data available.

Our focus is to use a task-based, bottom-up approach that defines priority initiatives and resource allocation for your overall business needs. A sound strategy based on driving sales will define how we go to market, what we buy, and the type of added value we need to enhance our presence in the market.

After the discovery phase, our media planning team will leverage our licensed and proprietary tools to take a deep dive into understanding audiences, competitors, and media. We will provide a third-party objective view including business, marketing, advertising, media planning/buying assessment and or development. We will provide proven strategies to help businesses grow, increase the effectiveness of your marketing and business development efforts, raise client awareness, and reinforce market positioning.

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Media Planning & Execution

Channel plans and activations are where strategy is brought to life across channels both digital and linear but always revolving around the north star that is your business.

Digital Media & Marketing

Successful digital strategies are grounded in solid marketing strategy. Aletheia Marketing & Media digital media specialists use rigorous analytical and customer segmentation tools and analysis to find your ideal customer(s) and then deploy the most appropriate social, mobile, search, video, audio, display, and remarketing channels to deliver on the objectives and goals, which are constantly optimized to drive performance and ensure we are delivering on the established KPIs (key performance indicators).

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Influencer Marketing

Using the power of Zenzi research, we stand out from the crowd by providing influencers who align with your same values and provide proven engagement rates. Leveraging influencers, we create customized campaigns that align with the brand values and audience you want to attract, delivering results that are above industry standards.

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We manage the full range of search activities, from organic optimizations to pay-per-click advertising, with the goal of helping to drive traffic to your sites. We offer a full-funnel approach that includes technical site auditing and regular reporting.

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HyprTarget Local Marketing

Our media planning team takes the “HyprTarget” approach by building media plans from the ground up. We acknowledge that each market is unique, and that each location deserves a plan that will consider drive time, local socioeconomic data, and local demographic targets, leading to a media plan targeted to the local store area. In addition to understanding the market around each location, we know that messaging may need to be unique for each location. With our dynamic creative optimization partner, we can serve messages on a location-by-location basis. We leverage our intelligence and geodemographic tools to ensure media plans are Hyprlocal, Hyprpersonal, and Hypreffecient, which allows us to build your business one location at a time.

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Traditional Media & Marketing

As the lines between digital and “traditional” media continue to blur, our team of cross-channel specialists is highly attuned to the evolving landscape that is media. Our strategy planners are well-versed in linear and digital channels, ensuring plans are achieving client goals regardless of platform.

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Business Intelligence

We utilize tracking methods to tie offline conversions with online activity. We use real-time business-performance data integrated with real-time media data to optimize media placements and ensure media is delivering on the business objectives.

Measurement & Optimization

We can create analytics, reports, and information with graphic representations that best suit your needs. In all we do, efficiency and optimization are key components of our delivery. From evaluating results based on internal and industry trends to tracking all metrics to make sure we are aligned with your business objectives and KPIs, we provide clarity to reporting and analytics through our data hierarchy.

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Social Listening

At Aletheia, we have the combination of listening and reporting tools to provide clients expertise in an “always on” social world.

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Wisdom Data Warehousing

One component of our business suite, Wisdom, serves as a repository for research, data, and customer experiences. We leverage to build out your customized approach to all things recommended.

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Advanced Modeling & Attributions

We study the relationships between sales, impressions, and spend data to construct market mix models to inform optimal investment at a channel level and attribute over impact of paid media on business performance. Our focus is to minimize waste with predictive models that interpret the relationship between impressions, calls to action, and sales results. Our team applies the data science discipline that can organize complex data elements from multiple sources and provide analysis and predictive forecasting to help drive business results.

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