What’s Love Got To Do With It: Zenzi ValueBase Insights

Strong relationships are built by understanding each other’s uniqueness and values. Aletheia researchers utilized our Zenzi® ValueBase® tool to explore the impact of values on gift preferences around Valentine’s Day.
Here is some of what our research revealed:

Achievement ValueTypes are most likely to prefer words of affirmation and receiving gifts. They are also more likely to want to give and receive larger gifts.


Freedom ValueTypes, tend to enjoy exciting experiences with others and are more likely than average to prefer both quality time and receiving gifts. This group would be ideal for marketing your more niche products or less mainstream special promotions.


Pleasure ValueTypes are most likely of all to prefer physical affection, not surprisingly.


Purpose ValueTypes are more likely to prefer quality time and most likely to say they didn’t want a gift.


Tradition ValueTypes are similarly less inclined to want a gift and more likely than any other ValueType or demographic variable to want a space and opportunity for physical closeness and affection.


Security ValueTypes are more likely to prefer acts of service or a cozy night in.

Unpack more on who your target ValueTypes are and how to ensure you’re maximizing budget by messaging effectively to them.

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