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Why should you work with us? To put it simply, Aletheia can help take your business to the next level by marrying traditional with digital media into a strategy that challenges in-the-box thinking and speaks to your target audience.

We are Agile

Our size is our strength. We are a nimble, yet powerful.

Our Intelligence

We invest heavily in technology, data, and automation tools, but our greatest resource is our people who provide the thought leadership, strategic thinking, and experience that fuel our clients’ success.

We are Transparent

We are in the service business and believe in building high-touch relationships based in truth. From reporting to billing, you see what we see.

We Have Impact

Our marketplace experience and deep relationships give us the ability to unlock powerful opportunities and scale that help our clients punch above their weight and drive real business results.


Client Experience Manager

Aletheia Marketing & Media, a Dallas-based integrated marketing firm, is looking for a talented, highly motivated individual to work with our Client Experience team. An exceptional candidate for this role would exhibit qualities that align with Aletheia’s Core Values:

  1. Growth Minded – Always be learning and thinking about what’s next.
  2. Be Good People – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
  3. Accountable – Be accountable even when no one is looking.
  4. Integrity – Always do the right thing, which is not always popular.
  5. Transparency – Be open and honest.

The Client Experience Manager is a perpetually client-facing role while also managing and leading the teams in day-to-day service of the Client. The Client Experience Manager is seasoned in maintaining positive client relations and has accountability for ensuring work performed is accurate and timely.

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