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Zenzi® ValueTypes™ and Travel Personas: How Values Impact 2024 Travel Trends

Zenzi® ValueTypes™ and Travel Personas:

How Values Impact 2024 Travel Trends

More than 80 percent of Americans go on vacation each year, which is great news for businesses that engage travelers. Aletheia now knows more about what makes travelers tick. By understanding the ValueTypes™ of your audience, we can more strategically and cost-effectively message them.

Zenzi® ValueBase® researchers recently explored travel trends for 2024 and discovered that people’s ValueTypes™ are stronger predictors of travel preferences than age, gender, income, or ethnicity. In other words, the experiences they value most determine how and where they plan a trip.

Half the people we researched said traveling is too expensive, meaning that 2024 is likely a year for marketers to concentrate messaging on staycations or more budget-friendly vacation packages. Other notable research findings: nearly 50% will travel as a family (with a partner and kids) while 10% will travel alone. When planning a trip, 60% say they self-plan using websites, blogs, and guides, and 25% use online booking platforms.

With the year’s busiest travel season fast approaching, now is the time to unlock your target customers’ ValueTypes™ to learn more about their travel personas—what they like to do, where they like to stay, the kind of vacation experience they’re seeking, and more. Contact our New Business team for more information today. And discover how collaborating with Aletheia can significantly boost your sales and revenue.